316L เหล็กแผ่นสแตนเลส

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  • 316L เหล็กแผ่นสแตนเลส

316L เหล็กแผ่นสแตนเลส
Article316L Cold Rolled stainless steel plate
Widthas your requirement
Surface2B / BA
typePlate / Strip / Sheet / Coil
Thickness0.4mm; 0.5mm; 0.6mm; 0.7mm; 0.8mm; 0.9mm; 1.0mm; 1.1mm; 1.2mm; 1.3mm; 1.4mm; 1.5mm; 1.6mm; 1.7mm; 1.8mm; 1.9mm; 2.0mm~4.0mm
Usage2B:Cold rolled, annealed, pickled, skin-passed to give an appropriate luster at final stage, their glossiness and flatness are better than No.2D products. They can be competent for almost all the applications of cold-rolled stainless steel, such as kitchen and bathroom ware, surface polishing, furniture structural parts, etc. BA:Cold-rolled, bright annealed and skin passed products with extremely good surface glossiness and high reflectivity, are used in building decoration, home appliance product and kitchen installation, etc.
Parkingwooden packing or
PaymentSmall quantity:T/T at sight,30% in advance ,70% after receiving the B/L cop; Large quantity:L/C at sight
Delivery Time15days after received T/T or L/C

SUS316L chemical composition:

Applications:Used in FineLine's micro-resolution direct sintering process, MicroFine Metal Stainless Steel 316L allows for production quality metal parts with the finest features and tightest tolerances in the industry. The material is used for manufacturing acid and corrosion resistant prototypes, and unique or series production parts in the following fields: Medical technology, plant engineering, automotive industry, jewelry and components for molds. It cannot be heat treated and is available only in the annealed condition.

Weldability: The austenitic class of stainless steels is generally considered to be weldable by the common fusion and resistance techniques.  Special consideration is required to avoid weld "hot cracking" by assuring formation of ferrite in the weld deposit.  These particular alloys are generally considered to have poorer weldability than.

Types 304 and 304L. A major difference is the higher nickel content for these alloys which requires slower arc welding speed and more care to avoid hot cracking. When a weld filler is needed, AWS E/ER 316L and 16-8-2 are most often specified.
Types 316 and its low-carbon "L" version are well known in reference literature and more information can be obtained in the following ways:
1. ANSI/AWS A5.9, A5.22, and A5.4 (filler metals, minimum UTS and elongation)
2. "Welding of Stainless Steels and Other Joining Methods," SSINA, (800:982-0355)
3. "Welding Stainless Steels," FDB #SF-71
4. ANSI/AWS B2.1.009-90 [GTAW 300's @.050"-0.14"]
5. ANSI/AWS B2.1-8-024-94 [GTAW 300's @ 1/8"-1-1/2"]
6. ANSI/AWS B2.1.013-91 [SMAW 300's.050"- 0.14"]
7. ANSI/AWS B2.1-8-023-94 [SMAW 300's @ 1/8"-1-1/2"]
8. ANSI/AWS B2.1.005-90 [GMAW 300's @.050"-0.14"]

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