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Vi är ett tekniskt Taiwan Metallskrot tillverkare, fabriken, leverantör och exportör. Beroende på stabilt investeringsklimat, överlägsen kompetens och god efter köp har vi gjort oss som ett av de ledande tillverkare och exportörer i branschen. Vi lovar kvalitet och konkurrenskraftiga priser och på leverans i tid för dig. Vi har skapa ett långsiktigt affärer med våra kunder. Om du är intresserad av någon modell av våra produkter, vara fria att kontakta oss.
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Steel is undoubtedly the indispensable material of the modern technology driven society. Since steel encompasses a class of over 2500 different grades currently produced and used, there is a wide variety of properties leading to an even wider spread of uses.

There are countless possibilities of combinations with regard to micro and macro structure, alloying elements, heat and mechanical treatment procedures, etc. Being used for thousands of years, one could expect that the scope of possible improvements is limited. However, the increasing challenges from other materials have been met by continuous product and process development ensuring the competitive edge for steel. It is fair to say that the potential of steel developments has been so far used only to a very limited extent leaving ample opportunities.

Steels can be used in a number of ways. With respect to service properties, the classification is made according to the three groups of
• base steels
• quality steels and
• high-grade steels
One can also use the amount of alloying additives to classify
• unalloyed to medium alloyed steels and
• alloyed steels

The second classification is sometimes more useful, since high-grade steels can be high alloyed stainless steels as well as ultra low carbon steels distinguished by a particularly low level of alloying elements and impurities.

The second method of classification is useful for electric steelmaking, since we encounter two rather distinct groups of mills with respect to their product range.
On the one hand we have the producers of high alloyed steels, mainly stainless, high temperature resistant and acid-proof grades. These steels are nearly exclusively produced by electric steelmaking with tight control over temperature and composition. On the other hand, we have the production of preliminarily lower quality grade long products directed into construction industry. Here the advantages of scrap as a relatively cheap and abundantly available raw material are exploited. It has to be stated that internationally there are strong tendencies to improve the quality range and to produce flat products, too, thereby competing strongly with integrated mills.

The remainder of this chapter gives an overview of the economic issues, followed by the technological issues of electric steelmaking in the second chapter. The article is concluded by an in-depth discussion of the issues arising in connection with scrap and scrap supply.

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