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  • Stainless Steel Sheets

Stainless Steel Sheets
Article304 Cold Rolled stainless steel sheet
Widthas your requirement
typePlate / Strip / Sheet / Coil
Thickness0.4mm; 0.5mm; 0.6mm; 0.7mm; 0.8mm; 0.9mm; 1.0mm; 1.1mm; 1.2mm; 1.3mm; 1.4mm; 1.5mm; 1.6mm; 1.7mm; 1.8mm; 1.9mm; 2.0mm~4.0mm
UsageCold-rolled, bright annealed and skin passed products with extremely good surface glossiness and high reflectivity, are used in building decoration, home appliance product and kitchen installation, etc.
Parkingwooden packing or as your requirement
PaymentSmall quantity: T/T at sight, 30% in advance , 70% after receiving the B/L cop ; Large quantity:L/C at sight
Delivery Time15days after received T/T or L/C

SUS304 chemical composition:

Hydrogen deteriorates material mechanical properties significantly even at small concentrations. At 25 ppm of hydrogen, 304 stainless steel shows notable hydrogen embrittlement that lost 10% mechanical strength 20% plasticity.

The hydrogen-affected zone (the brittle crown) forms around the outer surface of specimens. By extending the charge time, the hydrogen embrittlement zone expands from the outer surface to the central area of specimens. At 60 ppm hydrogen, this material became more brittle, lost 23% strength 38% plasticity. At this point, the brittle mode dominates the fracture of the material.

The density of dimples in the residual ductile area decreases remarkably. The hydrogen penetration in 304 stainless steel is faster than expected. At 45 ppm hydrogen concentration, the brittle inter-granular ruptures were already observed in the center of the specimen although the ductile rupture still dominates the most central area.

The electrochemical hydrogen charge is a unique method to introduce high levels of hydrogen into the metals in a very short period. The cost of experimentation is relatively low in comparison to gaseous hydrogen charge.

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