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Best Scrap Metal
The growing interest in metal life cycles stems from the basic idea that before optimizing a complex system all of its aspects need to be fully understood. Metals are core materials of the industrialized world and essential to maintaining our modern lifestyle. Their use has grown exponentially over the past century (1) and continues to grow as increasing numbers of countries strive for technological development and higher living standards. Although there are indications that the demand for metals may slow or stabilize in mature economies (2), this is not the case in rapidly growing emerging economies such as China and India. Froman environmental perspective,an increased demand for metals typically means more mining, energy use (3, 4), and water consumption (5). Conversely, when scrap is used as a raw material, the energy requirements of metal production can be lowered signifi-cantly (6). Understanding the current and future scrap supply is, therefore, a key goal if the use of primary metals is to be reduced.

Process Routes and Technology
Steel making has to be seen as part of a chain which leads from raw materials to semi-fabricated products.
The classical process route for electric steelmaking is
• scrap charging
• melting down
• tapping
• secondary metallurgy
• slab casting
• hot rolling
• cold rolling
• treatments
• delivery

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