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  • 316 Stainless Steel Scrap

316 Stainless Steel Scrap
All standard grades of stainless steel contain iron, carbon and a minimum of 11.5% chromium, the element responsible for the inherent corrosion resistance of the alloy. All stainless steels resist corrosion, although the degree of resistance to attack by many common chemicals, food products and other materials is variable. To enhance or supplement the effect of chromium, other alloying elements are added to straight chromium stainless steels as follows:

1. Nickel— to stabilize the austenitic structure, improve forming properties, increase ductility, high temperature strength and corrosion resistance (particularly in industrial and marine atmospheres, chemical, food and textile processing industries).

2. Silicon— to increase scaling resistance and resist carburizing at high temperatures.

3. Manganese— to improve hotworking properties, increase yield and tensile strengths (above 2%), partially replace nickel and stabilize the austenitic structure.

4. Molybdenum— to increase corrosion resistance (particularly in sulfite, sulfate, acetic acid and acetate solutions and salt water atmosphere), increase creep resistance, increase strength at elevated temperatures, expand range of passivity and counteract tendency to pit.

5. Titanium, ColumbiumTantalum—to prevent intergranular corrosion by stabilizing the carbon as titanium or columbium carbides instead of chromium carbides, produce finer grain size, reduce stretcher strains from drawing and forming in Type 430.

6. Sulphur, Phosphorus and Selenium— to improve machinability.

7. Additional Chromium— to increase scaling, wear and corrosion resistance and increase tensile strength.

Type 316316L
contain substantial molybdenum additions for improved corrosion resistance (particularly pittype corrosion), creep resistance and high temperature strength. Carbon content 316L is low for welding purposes.

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