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Shredded Scrap
Stainless Steel Scrap is of two kinds i.e. Austentic and Martinestic. The difference between the two is that Austentic is Non Magnetic and Martinestic is Magnetic, which has been explained as follows:

Magnetic (Martinestic) Stainless Steel Scrap
Such as 409 / 410 / 430..etc.
Non-Magnetic (Austentic) Stainless Steel Scraps
Such as 304 / 304L / 316 /316L..etc.

Due to the high value of metal, both iron and steel and aluminium scrap have been recycled whenever possible since the existence of the metal production itself. Given the chemical and physical properties of metal, the metal scrap can be recovered becoming secondary raw material which can, in almost all applications, compete with virgin material. Although scrap can be processed with high efficiency and little loss, this highly depends on the cleanness of the scrap, which is determined by separate collection and scrap treatment. Different scrap types (defined by scrap source) are the bases for the collection system and technologies employed in scrap processing, as well as being the starting point of the scrap sector.

Scrap is first being distinguished as new scrap or old scrap depending on whether it reaches its end of life before or after the consumer.

New Scrap
New scrap generated during the production process is completely recycled either circulated onsite or sent directly to a remelter / refiner or a steelwork. Since the composition of the scrap is known, in principle it does not need any treatment process, although sometime cutting and shredding might be necessary.
The total quantity of the new scrap can be estimated by input to output ratio at the plants for different products.

Old Scrap
Old scrap is collected after  consumption, either separately or mixed, and it is often contaminated to a certain degree, depending highly on its origin and collection systems. Since the life time of many metal products is more than ten years and some can be as long as more
than 50 years, for instance products for building and construction, there has been an accumulation of metal in use since the beginning of the industry.

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