Stainless Steel Houseware

YES Stainless Co.,Ltd. specializes in Manufacture, Supply and Export Stainless Steel Houseware, with a factory in Taiwan. It has always been our focus to manufacture finest products and to deliver them on time with attentive after-sales service. Our innovative spirit enables us to stay a step ahead of our competitors by providing the widest range products. Enquiries from global wholesalers, distributors, buyers, agents and OEM/ODM are welcome.
  • Airtight Food Container
    Airtight Food Container
    Airtight Food Container
    Made of Stainless 18-8 Steel
    with Removable Silicone Ring

    Product Features:
    1.Dimensions:264mm x 352mm / 264mm x 306mm / 264mm x 254mm
    2.Capacity:1,200ml / 800ml / 550ml
    3.Material:stainless 18-8 steel  
    4.Long-lasting freshness-preserves the aroma Lid with removable silicone ring
    5.Place of origin:Taiwan

    These snazzy airtight and watertight stainless steel food storage containers are made of high quality, food grade 304 (18-8) stainless steel with a silicone seal.  
    They advantageously replace plastic food storage containers as they are durable and will not leach toxic chemicals into your food.
  • Cookware Set
    Cookware Set
    Cookware Set

    4-piece Stainless Steel cookware set.
    Includes Sauce Pot and Frying Pans - CW-1
    Yellow bakelite handle and knob
    Material:stainless 18-8 steel

    Fish Poacher Set
    Set of 3 pieces
    Sizes:24 and 18-inch
    Material:stainless 18-8 steel

    Poacher Set
    Set of 3pcs
    Diameter:430mm x 320cm
    Size:about 100mm x 100 mm
    Material:stainless 18-8 steel 18/0
    Convenient to use and easy to clean

    Our Steamer Stock Pot Set provides perfect steaming for cooking variety of mouthwatering dishes. Made of top grade stainless steel, these stainless steel stock pots are highly durable and completely scratch proof.
  • Stainless Steel Cream Whipper
    Stainless Steel Cream Whipper
    1,000mL Double-layered Cream Whipper, Made of Stainless 18-8 Steel, with Aluminum Alloy Lid

    Product Features:
    1.With stainless 18-8 steel double wall design
    2.Keeps content cool for up to 10 hours
    3.With aluminum alloy lid
    4.Our featured cream whipper has a stainless steel double wall design that keeps fresh cream
    cool for up to 10 hours, unlike competing single wall products
    5.With TUV and FDA marks
    6.Place of origin:Taiwan

    The cream whipper is the best quality nitrous oxide whipped cream and soda charger. Dessert lovers are certain to be more than impressed with the cream whipper range, as well as the soda chargers which will allow for homemade sodas, cream cakes and desserts, and toffee puddings to be made in seconds.

    The cream whipper is undoubtedly one of the best quality whippers on the market and the cream whipper is the best alternative to manual whipping of cream.

    For the professional kitchen, the cream whipper will ensure that whipped cream is always available, and for the home chef, our cream whipper will give them the chance to experiment and whip up mouthwatering dessert in minutes.
  • Ice Bucket
    Ice Bucket
    Ice-Bucket IB-1
    Made of Double-layered Stainless 18-8 Steel, with 1,550mL Capacity - IB-1
    Ice-Bucket IB-2
    Double-layered Stainless 18-8 Steel Ice Bucket with Ice Tong and 900mL Capacity - IB-2

    Product Features:
    Ice-Bucket IB-1
    1.Material: stainless 18-8 steel
    2.Double-layered with stainless steel
    3.Capacity: 1,550mL
    4.Size: (D) 120mm x (H) 194mm
    5.A similar container without a lid used to cool bottles placed inside it.
    6.Place of origin:Taiwan

    Ice-Bucket IB-2
    1.Material: bucket with stainless 18-8 steel and tong with stainless steel
    3.Capacity: 900mL
    4.Size: (D) 116mm x (H) 135mm
    5.A small insulated container with a lid, used for holding ice.
    6.Place of origin:Taiwan

    A cylindrical container for holding ice to use in drinks or to keep a wine bottle cold.

    We offer superior quality Ice Bucket in stainless steel body that prevents the ice from quick melting. This stainless steel double wall ice bucket is elegant, highly durable and are scratch-resistant.

    These stainless steel ice buckets are used in storing wine bottles in ice. Made from thick stainless steel, these are highly durable.
  • Fondue Set
    Fondue Set
    Fondue Set with 6 Stainless 18-8 Steel Forks, Pot and Lid, Easy to Clean - FS-1

    Product Features
    1.Materials: 18/8 stainless 18-8 steel pot and  stainless steel lid, rubber wood handle
    2.Includes: six pieces stainless steel fork with stainless steel handle
    3.Easy to clean
    4.Suitable for use with meat﹐chocolate or cheese fondue as well as keeping gravies and sauces hot at the dining table.
    6.Place of origin:Taiwan

    When fondue cooking is complete, extinguish flame with burner cover.
    Allow the ondue pot to cool completely on its stand.
    Remove contents from the pot, rinse the pot and splatter shield with hot water. Wash by hand.
    Wash the fondue forks by hand.
    Wipe the cooled stand, base and burner with a damp cloth or sponge if needed. Buff dry.
  • Stainless Steel Water Jug
    Stainless Steel Water Jug
    We are a prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of S.S Water Jugs that are ideal to add beauty and elegance of the dinning tables. Available in different shapes and sizes, these jugs are available to handle different kinds of beverages.
    Our jugs are highly appreciated for their elegant looks as well as fine finish and are available in a reliable manner.

    Ice Cream Cups that are available in printed as well as plain pattern in the domestic market. Available in different designs, sizes and shapes, these cups are used in several cafes, ice-cream parlous, restaurants and hotels. These are ideal for serving ice-creams and we offer them at most competitive prices to our valuable clients of domestic as well as international market. The exteriors are polished and the interiors a brushed finish. An unbreakable alternative to glass or crystal, these are not only for boats but for sleek, cool interiors, too.

    Thermos mug
    Material: stainless 18-8 steel
    Lid and handle with plastic
    Weight: 490g
    Carton dimensions: 190 x 140 x 83cm
    Double-wall thermal insulation (air is trapped between the inner & outer stainless steel walls)
  • Soda Maker
    Soda Maker
    Double-layered Soda Maker
    Made of 304L and Stainless 18-8 Steel

    Product Features:
    1.Made of 304L and  stainless 18-8 steel
    2.With aluminum alloy or plastic lid
    3.Patented in Germany, Taiwan and mainland China
    4.Our patented soda maker shown here, is constructed of locally sourced premium 304L and 18/8 stainless steel
    5.Place of origin:Taiwan
    6.with TUV and FDA marks

    Soda makers have been growing in appeal since you can make your own soda at the convenience of your own home.

    Just add your filtered water and with a few squirts of the CO2 charger and you have your own seltzer water.  You can take that seltzer water and add any king of syrup flavorings that you want.  What is also great that you can fully control the amount of syrup that you put in your soft drink.  For people who like a light flavor soda this is perfect.

    You can have complete control of your calorie intake per bottle of soda and Kids will love making their own sodas. Soda makers also make for a great gift.  Most people don’t even know there is an appliance that you can make your own soda. They also have diet flavors out there for those who are wondering about diet drinks.
  • Stainless Steel Housewares
    Stainless Steel Housewares
    Lotion Bottle
    Material:Made of Stainless 18-8 Steel
    Size:330mL Capacity with Plastic Lid
    Place of origin:Taiwan
    This lovely and functioning bath accessory will dispense creamy lotion or liquid soap.

    Toothbrush Stand
    Material:Made of Stainless 18-8 Steel
    Size:(height) 112 x Ø79mm
    Place of origin:Taiwan
    Can Hold Four Toothbrushes
    This stainless steel tooth brush holder will hold up to two toothbrushes and one toothpaste or four toothbrushes.

    Soap holder
    Material:Stainless 18-8 steel
    Dimensions:138mm x 105mm x 24mm
    Place of origin:Taiwan
    This useful stainless steel soap dish will hold a standard size bar of soap, loose coin, paper clips, et cetera.

    Our products have passed TUV explosion-proof and FDA food safety tests. In addition, all our products are made of stainless 18-8 steal 304L sourced from Taiwan and our soda maker is patented in Taiwan, Germany and mainland China.
Serious working attitudes, high working efficiency, and outstanding work are the essence of the Company's growth principle. We assure you of on-time delivery of finest Stainless Steel Houseware backed by prompted and careful after-sales service.

Understanding the precise demands of our clients, we offer an extensive range of Stainless Steel Houseware which is procured from the renowned vendors of the market. These housewares are made as per industrial standards. These are fabricated by our expertise using best quality raw material. Also available in varied sizes and shapes. Made from the finest quality stainless steel, each and every product has the perfect blend of form and function. These products are manufactured with the latest scientific technologies using premium quality raw materials under the strict supervision of our experts. Sourced from reputed manufacturers, we offer each & every product at highly competitive prices. We are specialist in Stainless Steel Houseware. With the help of our stringent quality measures, we ensure the quality of our products. It is the appearance of fine design ingenuity, informal secular. Changing styles, the overall effect is elegant, excellent workmanship and quality. Specifications, style can be customized according to your needs (materials can also be selected according to your needs). Since the surface of stainless steel products the vacuum coating ray and etching processes, titanium ion plating on the metal surface, imitation gold, five color, etching colorful, sparkling decorative metal plate, according to different uses arbitrary choice. Our production provides an economic alternative with exception quality for you.
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