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  • Stainless Steel Surface Finishes

Stainless Steel Surface Finishes
NO3 surface finished description
This is a ground unidirectional uniform finish obtained with 80 - 100 grit abrasive.

It is a good intermediate or starting surface finish for use in such instances where the surface will require further polishing operations to a finer finish after subsequent fabrication or forming.

Finishes and Design

There are a wide range of decorative finishes available; therefore, it is important to pay close attention to the selection of the most appropriate finish for the application required.  For highly visible applications the appearance of stainless steel is a critical design element and a misunderstanding of the wrong finish can alter the desired effect.  In commercial and hygienic applications, such as restaurants and hospitals, properly finished stainless steel is easier to keep clean.  In consumer products, such as catering equipment, the lustre from a well polished sheet of stainless steel has strong sales appeal.

In addition to the visual appearance of polished stainless steel there are a number of functional considerations. In sanitary applications correctly polished stainless steel not only looks good but it helps to reduce the risk of bacteria being retained by the material.

In aggressive environments, such as in the nuclear or offshore industries, a correctly polished stainless steel surface has a better resistance to corrosion than a surface that is roughly or badly polished. A smooth surface is less susceptible to an accumulation of deposits and stainless, which often become focal points for localised corrosion.  All stainless steel finishes perform better when cleaned and maintained and details of correct cleaning procedures may be found in our publication, "The Cleaning and Maintenance of Stainless Steel".

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