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  • Mirror Finish Stainless Steel

Mirror Finish Stainless Steel
Mirror surface finished description

Mirror Finish – Non-Directional with a very high degree of image clarity.
A very reflective finish achieved by pre-grinding and then finally bright buffing as for the No. 7 finish.  Pre-grinding enables removal of surface defects and is essential on coarse mill finishes such as No. 2D or No. 1.  The process is also necessary if the No. 7 bright polished finish is not of sufficient reflectivity but, as it is far more expensive than the No. 7, it is only used when absolutely necessary.
It is used for decorative surfaces and food conveyors where a particularly smooth finish is required.

Surface Finishes introduction
Surface finish is an important specification for stainless steel products and is critical in applications where appearance is also important. Certain surface finishes also make stainless steel easier to clean, which is obviously important for sanitary applications. A smooth surface as obtained by polishing also provides better corrosion resistance. On the other hand, rough finishes are often required for lubrication applications, as well as to facilitate further manufacturing steps.

Surface finishes are the result of processes used in fabricating the various forms or are the result of further processing. There are a variety of methods used for finishing. A dull finish is produced by hot rolling, annealing, and descaling. A bright finish is obtained by first hot rolling and then cold rolling on polished rolls. A highly reflective finish is produced by cold rolling in combination with annealing in a controlled atmosphere furnace, by grinding with abrasives, or by buffing a finely ground surface. A mirror finish is produced by polishing with progressively finer abrasives, followed by extensive buffing. For grinding or polishing, grinding wheels or abrasive belts are normally used. Buffing uses cloth wheels in combination with cutting compounds containing very fine abrasive particles in bar or stick forms. Other finishing methods include tumbling, which forces movement of a tumbling material against surfaces of parts, dry etching (sandblasting), wet etching using acid solutions, and surface dulling. The latter uses sandblasting, wire brushing, or pickling techniques.

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