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  • Cookware Set

Cookware Set
Cookware Set

4-piece Stainless Steel cookware set.
Includes Sauce Pot and Frying Pans - CW-1
Yellow bakelite handle and knob
Material:stainless 18-8 steel

Fish Poacher Set
Set of 3 pieces
Sizes:24 and 18-inch
Material:stainless 18-8 steel

Poacher Set
Set of 3pcs
Diameter:430mm x 320cm
Size:about 100mm x 100 mm
Material:stainless 18-8 steel 18/0
Convenient to use and easy to clean

Our Steamer Stock Pot Set provides perfect steaming for cooking variety of mouthwatering dishes. Made of top grade stainless steel, these stainless steel stock pots are highly durable and completely scratch proof.

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