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YES Stainless Co.,Ltd. are engaged in offering a wide range of BA Finish Stainless Steel. Our range of product is widely appreciated by our clients for its various features like durability, vibrant colors, attractive designs and different shape.We offer customization on various parameters such as shapes, size and design.
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BA Finish Stainless Steel
BA surface finished description

Bright Annealed. A cold-rolled reflective finish retained through annealing.
This is more commonly referred to as a BRIGHT ANNEALED (BA) FINISH. Material with a No. 1 finish is Cold Rolled using highly polished rolls in contact with the steel surface. This smooths and brightens the surface.
The smoothness and reflectiveness of the surface improves as the material is rolled to thinner and thinner sizes. Any annealing which needs to be done in order to effect the required reduction in gauge, and the final anneal, is effected in a very closely controlled inert atmosphere. No oxidation or scaling of the surface therefore occurs and there is no need for additional pickling and passivating.
The final surface developed can have "MIRROR" type finish similar in appearance to the highly polished No. 7 and No. 8 Finishes.

Much of the 2B Finish sheet imported is not a true 2B Finish. Mills which operate bright annealing facilities will often carry out all the annealing operations of Cold Rolled material in such facilities. This leads to a superior "2B" finish as no oxidation or scaling takes place during the annealing operation, even though the actual rolling may be effected on polished rolls as for normal 2B Finish, but not highly polished as would be needed to produce a BA finish.
The following finishes are all mechanically produced polished finishes. As well as being standard mill finishes, they are also applied to stainless steel articles and components to meet the required aesthetic criteria. It should be appreciated that factors such as hand polishing vs. mechanical polishing; polishing a flat product as against a component of complex shape; thickness and composition of material can affect the visual appearance of the final surface.

Finishes and Fabrication Description
Some fabrication operations, such as grinding prior to painting or gluing, may require a rough surface finish but, generally speaking, a smooth, well finished sheet requires less physical effort than a coarse, rough one when it comes to blending.  Certain finishes are more difficult to recreate by hand than others, causing fabrication difficulties; this is especially true of the “special” finishes which cannot be easily replicated in a fabrications workshop.  For this reason the fine satin finish (such as OPTISHEEN®) is popular and practical for
fabrication shops around the world. Types of Finish Stainless steel is available in a wide variety of standard and special finishes.
The majority of finishes can be divided into three categories: mill finishes, mechanically polished finishes and special finishes.
In each case the finishes are described under either their appropriate British Standard number (BS 1449 Part 2) or the name by which they are commonly known. In some instances a finish may commonly be known by several names, leading to some misunderstandings (see Finish Variations).  Satin Finish Variations Finishes described by a particular industry designation, i.e. No. 4 finish, may still vary from supplier to supplier and even from batch to batch from the same supplier.  In the case of mill finishes, this may be the result of differing manufacturing conditions.
In the case of satin polished finishes, it is probably due to wear of the abrasive belts used in these processes.  One way to overcome these problems is to specify a proprietary brand name finish, such as OPTISHEEN®, which has a guaranteed consistency.
Failing this, reference should be made to a supplied finish of at least 30 mm square to show up all the characteristics of the finish and against which the final product can be judged.  The customer should define and agree acceptable levels of variations from the standard to minimise the problems caused by belt wear and consequent changes in finish.

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Our BA Finish Stainless Steel manufactured using high grade factor inputs in compliance with international quality standards also available in various specifications to cater the variegated needs of our valuable clients and can be customized as per their demands at within market rate. A team of quality examiners makes sure that only flawless products are dispatched for the patrons' premises. We sincerely hope to establish longtime and friendly business relationship with you.
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